This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 4

Today Natalie says, “Write down your superpowers.”
These are things you’re really good at. Not necessarily great at or brilliant at.

Two columns. One is for things you’re good at. The other is for things you enjoy. We are looking for things you are good at, love doing, and can get paid for.

Ask friends, family, and colleagues, “What am I good at?”

Whoops, I forgot to do that so now I’m going to text a few people for their quick responses and see what comes back while I’m typing this.

Things I think I’m good at and why I think it’s my superpower

Writing: I can do this quickly and I love doing it; I feel bad when I don’t do it.

Taking pictures: I see better when I take pictures. I am not great at the technical aspects of using a camera but I have a decent eye for interesting and beautiful things and I’m gradually learning how to get the best out of my camera and editing software.

Systematically figuring things out: I know a lot of different ways to analyse problems and come up with optimal solutions. This comes from having studied all kinds of different subjects and worked in different fields.

Making smart alec remarks and puns: I just can’t help myself. It’s sort of a superpower because it makes my voice distinctly mine.


Things I like to do


Take pictures


Work with spreadsheets

Make plans


Things other people think I’m good at?

“Finances and stuffed animal photography”

“Developing lasting friendships”

“Very supportive and warm, communicating clearly, reliable”

“Drawing a blank here. Taking care of us.”

“Making me laugh. Keeping me positive.”


The Superpowers?

Helping people solve problems

Writing, especially if it’s on my own terms, in my own voice

Making connections with people




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