As I said yesterday, I’m doing a 10 day blog challenge about “The Freedom Lifestyle”. This is Day 2, which asks, “Why is Freedom important to you?”.

The Freedom Lifestyle is not too attractive if it’s purely self-indulgent: freedom to play instead of work. How superficial! How First World!

Shouldn’t we be worrying about solving serious problems and creating good?

Well … If solving serious problems and creating good is your passion, then you need money and time – freedom from other commitments – so you can get on with it.

(True confession: those noble things are not my passion.)

“Freedom” doesn’t have to mean superficial self-indulgence.

All things being equal, if freedom means freedom from work, it also means freedom from the income that work generates.

Less income = less ability to spend.

Less ability to spend, when it’s a choice, means a deliberate choice to limit consumption.

Limiting consumption, to a degree, is something I can feel good about, but it’s not my “why”.

I can’t chase a freedom that means freedom to consume more, and nothing else. I would love a freedom from the things that I feel I must do but don’t want to. I would like to spend more time and energy writing, researching, travelling, and taking photos.


We each have our “thing”, the thing we need to do to feel balanced and complete, not just over a lifetime, but every day. For some people it’s solving world problems and doing good things. For others it’s skiing, or running, practicing piano, reading scientific journals, farming – it can be anything! Just look at the diversity in the world.

I would like freedom to write every day and not to be interrupted. This is a desire I was born with. This is what makes me feel absorbed, complete, at peace and happy. Does it have redeeming social values? Yes, but I’m not doing it for that. Be honest. I’m doing it because I feel rotten when I don’t.

Now how’s this for synchronicity: the second I wrote “I was born with”, the podcast recommended for this challenge said “it’s all biological”. Exactly.

Having listened to the podcast, I find I am really not aligned with its thinking. My “why” is all about me, me, me. The podcast why is in the format “to make [a contribution] so there is [an impact]”.

Why do I want the Freedom Lifestyle? It’s selfish. I want to do what I want to do, when I want to do it. Don’t we all?

If I apply my why to travel blogging, it would be: to explore, interpret, and write about places so that people’s experiences with those places will be more meaningful.

This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 2




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