This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 3

On Day 3 Natalie asks us to write about our own perfect day, or at least the start of it.

I wake up feeling totally rested and not too hot or cold, just right.

I know that over the course of this day I will spend time with all the people I love most in the world. Or, the opposite of that, I will have the day totally to myself and won’t have to speak to a single soul or be anywhere at any time.

Outside it looks like pleasant weather and it’s very early and quiet. I quickly get dressed and go for a walk for half an hour, hearing the birds and watching the sun come up.

When I get home it’s still quiet. I have a shower, read for half an hour, eat breakfast and then write for about 3 hours.

At that point, if I have all this behind me, I can start doing things for and with other people and not feel like I’ve given the day away.

Maybe I’ll do some gardening, or go see a nice garden somewhere.

In my most perfect day I would be in a place with something really captivating. It could be London, or it could be the shore of the ocean or a big lake.

I get out and move a lot and by the time dinner comes round I’m ready to relax. Whatever I’m going to eat now is something I made earlier so I don’t have to worry about cooking or shopping; it’s already done. Everything is already done. There is nothing to worry about.


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