This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 5

Natalie is talking about explaining to other people what it is you do. Get good at your elevator pitch and people will start to understand and get interested. Keep coming back to your Why.

Six steps for success (Well I thought there were six, but in the video it’s not all six. I kept watching the video over and over and never getting to six! Doh.)

Work from somewhere where you can cut out the interruptions and do what it takes to get focus.

Then focus on your three MIAs, Most Important Actions for the day. Get them done first before you do anything else. Be very focussed and very clear about what you are there for and do it.

Use Pomodoros. (I do.) Pomodoros help you stay on track.

So … my plan for success? And when?

From now until October 2nd I am fully committed to another project and all I can squeeze out is about 30 minutes a day. Not much of a plan.

After that, and on a more or less ongoing basis *except when travelling, my perfect productive and efficient day will be like what’s below only more Pomodoros and longer breaks.

Get up.

Shower, eat, all that stuff.

Use paper journal to plan the day and review the 3 MIAs for my personal project (not the October 2nd one).

Take 4 Pomodoros and go as far as I can.

Write down the 3 MIAs for the next day.

Then have a break, clear my mind (go for a walk or do something else to change the pace), and start in on the yucky stuff.


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