This blog post is in response to Natalie’s 10 Day Freedom Plan Blog Challenge Day 8

We were supposed to do something fun. Something from a perfect day.

Unfortunately I am a little bit far away (not a lot, just a little) from being able to do that. I have a deadline coming up and it weighs on me like a sack of bricks on my head. Or something like that. Maybe it’s quicksand up to my knees. Anyway, I could enjoy the day, but within limits.

I walked to the coffee shop. Yes, that was my big adventure! I worked there for about 3 hours.

During that time:

  • I took a picture of a good vanity plate en route “MAMA B” (I’m always doing this).
  • Got another one at the coffee shop: “PMPDOUT”.
  • A bride came in. Then all her bridesmaids. Her Mum. Her flower girl. Her ring bearer. Every one of them in full formal attire. Were they just having their pictures taken in preparation for the big day?
    They sat down and had coffees and chatted. I went outside (unrelated to them) for a stretch and while I was there they started leaving. I got chatting to the maid of honour and learned that the photos had indeed just been done. The wedding is today – that’s where they were going after Starbucks. I asked where the men were. “Probably at the bar.” Would there be a party tonight? “Oh Yes! We’re a big party family.”
    I have to say that was the most relaxed bride I’ve seen in a long time. Maybe ever.
  • The best worker they have at that Starbucks appears to have been promoted. Good move by the company. She gets about three times as much done as anyone else without making a fuss, she just gets on with it.
  • Had a chat with a fellow I’ve been trying to connect with for a few days. I was worried he had lost interest in our joint project, perhaps due to my not reaching out to him sooner. No worries! He’s still very keen but has been sick so not in touch. Whew.
  • It was a gorgeous warm day for a walk.
  • When I got home I picked the Black Tomato. I grew this all by myself and it is a thing of beauty.
  • I posted my 1,000th Instagram picture today. I usually do one a day but at the start I had a few days when I did a whole lot, so it’s not a 3-year milestone. It is a milestone though!
  • Here’s the picture. I lucked out with this one! And now it’s one of my favourites.Regent's Park in London


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